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Private Data We Receive And Collect

The moment you land at, we start collecting your information for different purposes. WinPackaging understands your concerns about your data privacy when you are engaging with us. Not only this, but we are following processes and different techniques to implement data security strictly. Our detailed privacy policy gives insights and a clear picture that why and how we collect your personal and business information.  How we share your information and how this improves your experience with us.

We make sure the information we have collected during the different stages of a transaction is used to ship your orders conveniently and improve the process of delivering a perfect product. PackagingWin owns all this information and does not sell or share any data to a third party user. 

Please bear in mind that we are bound to share your information with law enforcement agencies and states when it is necessary by law. We can share your information for the protection of our interests and as well as the safety of our other customers. We can reveal or use your information in circumstances with your permission. 

Your personal information can be shared when we are restricted to share our customer’s data according to a court order or a judicial proceeding. We do not share, sell or distribute your information with any third party source but only use it for shipping purposes. We have the right to use this information for making changes in our processes and marketing plan. We can also use this information to inform you about the important updates in our privacy policy.

How PackagingWin Collects Information?

We start collecting your information when you engage in following activities on our website:

  • Visiting
  • Getting registered on the website
  • Placing an order for goods
  • Participating in a survey through e-mails or other communication channels
  • Participate in a contest
  • Using another site feature

In different processes and activities such as registration and placing orders, we collect the personal details and information such as: 

  1. Your name
  2. e-mail address
  3. Mailing address
  4. Contact details
  5. Credit cards, bank account or other payment methods 
  6. The information available on your social media profiles
  7. Your location and system information
  8. Much other information 

We are also using cookies on our website to get detailed insights into our customer’s behaviors and provide him/her with a rich experience on our website. To know more about how we are using cookies and how you can stop enabling cookies, check out the cookies section. 

How WinPackaging Uses Your Information?

We may utilize all your data or some of the information that we collect through your different activities and actions on our website. Please note that we also can use the information we collect from different sources such as through e-mails, phone calls or social media. We use all this collected information in different ways such as to:

  • Give you more personalized experience by sharing the products and offers you are more interested in.
  • Provide better customer service to you by responding to your requests quickly.
  • Process and complete your transactions without any delay.
  • Process and collect payments 
  • To control different promotional campaigns and contests 
  • Identify business opportunities and gaps
  • Perform data analytics and revise our processes and techniques
  • Improve our website, goods and services
  • Make our website secure by identifying malicious activities and technical problems 

If you have subscribed to our e-mail newsletter, you will receive promotional emails periodically. If you don’t want to receive these emails anymore, we respect your concern. So, we provide a mechanism to get out of this communication. To unsubscribe our email newsletter, all you have to do is send an email at

How PackagingWin Protects and Secures Your Information?

For PackagingWin, the security of our customers and visitor’s data is critical. We take it seriously and implement all the necessary practices and techniques to make your information safe and secure. We ensure that your personal and business information is secured against online and offline data breach threats.  

In our offices, only relevant and trusted employees can access user data information. At, we use SSL encryption and this is considered the most secure system for transferring information over the Internet. The SSL encryption technique is perfect to ensure the integrity of information and the security for information transmission, but still, no one can guarantee 100% security of your information over the Internet.

Does PackaginWin Uses Cookies?

A big Yes!! There is almost no kid out there who does not love cookies. We love cookies too, but these cookies are not sweet, not bitter either. Let us tell you which cookies we are using.

A cookie is a small file of user’s data that is stored on your system for a definite period when you visit our website for the first time. We use cookies because the cookies allow you to surf our website as an individual. When you will visit our website for the second time, the browser will use the stored information from cookies. Simply put, cookies are harmless and improves your browsing experience with our website. 

You have to enable cookies to use our website. You can remove cookies whenever you want to. For removing cookies, you need to follow some steps in your browser. Keep in mind that steps for modifying or removing cookies vary from browser to browser as each browser has different settings options. The best way is to follow Help Menu from your browser or you can watch video tutorials for your browser at YouTube. 

After turning off cookies from your browser, you will be able to visit and use our website, but with the limited functionality. As you will lose access to many features and services so your experience with the website will not be the same as that of the enabled cookies.

How often PackaginWin Updates Privacy Policy?

We will make changes to our privacy policy whenever we will make changes to our core processes and practices. We can make changes in policy due to a change in technologies and laws. When we will update our privacy policy, we will mention the “effective date” on this page. In case of crucial policy changes, you will be notified via emails or SMS. 

Please note that we will use your data and information according to the policy under which we collect information. If we will have to use your personal information according to a different policy from the policy at the information collection time, we will notify you via email or SMS. You will have a choice whether to allow or stop us using your information differently.

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