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For most of the orders, we are using FedEx to ship your parcels. For bulkier parcels weighing more than 200 lbs, you can use LTL freight. 

Yes, you can track your package. For tracking, a tracking number will be given to you via email when available after the shipment of your order. But keep in mind that tracking is not available for all areas.

You can also sign in to your account to check the status of your shipment. You can also contact our customer care help . Our customer care is available from Monday-Saturday from 9: 00 AM to 6: 00 PM GMT +5.

Yes, we do ship other than the US too. We are providing direct shipping services for Canada too. For Canadian shipping, you may have to pay taxes, tariffs, and fees for custom and brokerage. As most of our items do not include in the NAFTA agreement so our shipper will deal you directly.

Yes, you can use different addresses for shipping. But make sure that you are placing a separate order for a different shipping address. 

For USA customers, we are providing FREE shipping services. For international customers, the cost depends on the customs rules and regulations of their country. 

You can expect your parcel after 20 days after order confirmation. We take 7 to 10 business days for producing your boxes and then shipment can take 10 or more days.

You can change your shipping method by just making a call to our customer care representatives. We will quote you for the new shipping method and you will have to pay for the difference between two shipping methods.

But keep in mind that some companies like FedEx do not change the shipping method after picking up the order. So let us know about your change of mind as soon as you realize it and before the shipment of your order.

Well, it depends on many factors. We take 10 to 14 days for orders between 1-2000 units. For orders, more than 2000 units, we will take a few extra days for the setup and production.

For the accurate estimation of the cost and time for your order, go to the checkout page and provide all the relevant details. Please keep in mind these dates are estimated dates not promised or exact dates although most of the orders are shipped on time.

For urgent orders, we offer rush production to many of our customers. In the rush production, we take 7 business days to produce packages for your products. On your order qualification, you will see an estimated date during checkout. But remember that we start the production after timely approval from you.

With customized size, print and artwork, you can order 1 unit for corrugated boxes. For paperboard cartons, the minimum limit is 25 units.

We are providing quotes for bulk and special orders. Bulk and special orders include:

  • 2000 plus units of any item
  • Lithographic printing
  • Flexographic printing
  • Unusual requests
  • Specialized changes in dieline


You can get a quote for specialized customized boxes by just fulfilling a form. You can also order in bulk and for this, just go to 3D design page and input 2001+ units and click on button reading “Request Custom Quote”.

You can cancel the order after placing it by just shooting an email to contact@packagingwin.com or by contacting us on our customer care number: 

No, we don’t charge extra for more colors in the design. You can freely use your creative skills to come up with vibrant and colorful artworks.

Asking about the discount? Yes, Yes, Yes.  Ordering more boxes means the cheaper boxes.

  • Dimensions of the boxes: Boxes with depth cost you more.
  • Style of Box
  • How much ink is required to print your design?
  • Use of Premium materials translate into higher quality and costs
  • Printing options
  • Quantity of boxes, more boxes means less price.

You can find the best designer in your city as you can meet him in person and can easily tell him about your thoughts and requirements. You can ask people in your professional circle to recommend packaging designers. If you find it hard to find a reliable designer or you are short on time, you can contact our designers.

Yes, PackagingWin can print inside the boxes of different styles such as Tuck Tops, Shippers and Mailers. For paperboard folding cartons, we are providing outside printing only.

We are not providing color matching services for now but we are considering them for the future.

We do printing using CMYK inks. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black. If you will give image files using RGB, they will be converted to CYAN. If you are creating an image to represent on a lighted screen, RGB is a way to go. When it comes to printing on Paper and materials, we prefer CMYK mode.

Yes, we are offering design services too. We have got a team of innovative and creative designers who can help you with your designs, artworks and logos.

Yes, you can get the prototype of your boxes. For pre-printed boxes, you can get Free samples. For boxes with customized artwork, you can order a sample.

Yes, we are using recyclable and eco-friendly materials for all of our customized boxes. The majority part of our products is recyclable. We try to get materials that are highly sustainable and recyclable from local vendors.

We provide boxes of all sizes and shapes available in the market. We will guide you for the best possible combination of shapes and sizes according to your products.

We manufacture boxes locally. All our boxes are manufactured in the USA.

For coating options, we have Gloss, Mate UV and spot.

First of all, we will have die cutting, then gluing.  After gluing, scoring will be carried out and finally, the perforation will be completed.

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