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    Custom Display Boxes Packaging

    Display packaging containers are used to display your items such as cosmetics, bins, candy boxes, and many more. PackagingWin offers a wide range of display boxes for our customers. Everything about the boxes is different and unique especially its size and style.

    Every packaging differs from one another. We aim to provide you with the best quality packaging. Display packaging is very important and the quality of it cannot be ignored at all. They can be used for many purposes. You can keep a lot of stuff in display packaging boxes such as:

    • Beauty care products
    • Confections
    • Small parts
    • And many more.

    When it comes to the packaging you can never forget about the material. PackagingWin can make your packaging look stunning with the use of cardboard and coatings. We can also make corrugated boxes or custom printed display packaging.

    The color and printing of the packaging equally help in selling the product that’s why we have plenty of add-on options for you too. This will add value and attractiveness to your product. Customers love our corrugated boxes and even the use of cardboard. We also provide different types of coatings and the materials we use are eco-friendly.

    With quality, you shouldn’t forget about the design and style of the packaging. We make your custom printed display packaging by using these materials:

    Eco-friendly Kraft

    We will ensure to keep the environment safe. The material we use is sustainable and biodegradable.

    Corrugated Material

    It is known for shipment reasons. The composition of flutes and two flat linerboards make it suitable for delivering sensitive products.
    Card stock

    It is also known as cover stock. It is preferred by many customers for its quality. It is lighter than paper boards and a bit heavier than standard writing material.

    Rigid Material

    Just like the name, it is rigid. It is used for liable products.
    The design of the box has great importance so we mostly focus on it the most. Our clients expect a unique and creative look that will amaze the buyers.

    You can give an eye-catching look to your chocolate boxes with the help of our add-ons which are:

    Matte Coating

    The matte coating makes your packaging look dense and dull. It is fingerprint-resistant and makes your logo more prominent.

    Gloss Coating

    The gloss coating makes your packaging look glossy and shimmery. We recommend gloss coating as it helps in attracting people from afar by the charming look that only a glossy coating can give you.

    Satin Coating

    If you want a neutral look for your packaging you should go for a satin coating. It is less shiny and gives a lower gloss look compared to the gloss coating.

    Display packaging has proved to be best for food products like grains, noodles, and doughnuts. These types of foods are comparatively more likely to be exhibited in display boxes.

    PackagingWin offers you 100% biodegradable material for the protection of the food from external toxins.
    You can also print the name of the person you are going to gift the boxes. On top of all that we provide the following add-ons too:

    Hot Stamping

    It is simply one of the best ways to make your product look unique and more attractive.

    CMYK and PMS

    The CMYK is Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key. It gives out ultra-super results on the custom product packaging. Whereas the PMS is the extraction of the shades. Both will make your packaging unique and stand out.

    To get discounted rates, book your order in bulk. If you cannot decide which one to order, our customer service is available to guide your 24×7. PackagingWin offers free shipment all across the USA along with a 3D sample if you desire. So hurry up and contact our customer support representatives now!

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